From the conceptual design competition phase to the on-site construction implementation, Proskene leads or provides technical assistance throughout all stages of Cultural Heritage intervention or conservation projects.

We contribute our wide experience in on-site supervision of works in historical buildings to our clients’ projects, sharing with them the solutions that in each particular case we consider more adequate, effective, easy to implement or cost-effective.


ON-SITE SUPERVISIONWe carry out technical assistance and supervision of restoration and rehabilitation works, monitoring legal and technical compliance of current regulations and ensuring the required quality standards.
MONITORINGWe monitor projects and works, controlling costs, execution deadlines and identifying deviations and risks.
RESEARCHWe investigate the historical context and the characteristics of traditional construction systems that were typical of the period in which the building to be studied was built. We help designers both to discern the valuable elements in the construction and to foresee contingencies that could be found in their construction once the works begin.