The richness of some historical constructive systems, inherent to its handcrafted and local nature, has in occasions resulted in their progressive fall in disuse and replacement by more industrialized systems. 

For this reason, agents carrying out projects in historical buildings often face construction materials that are no longer used in new buildings, and they find themselves being unfamiliar with their structural behavior.

At Proskene we are experts in structural analysis of listed buildings: we are knowledgeable about the required criteria to carry out their restoration, which we apply while optimizing costs and upgrading them, when needed, to current code requirements.

INSPECTION We inspect damage and collapse mechanisms of structural elements, using our laser scanner to analyze in detail any deformations in the building that would help us understand past or ongoing decay processes.
 CHARACTERIZATION We carry out material characterization of historical structures, using the necessary non-destructive techniques (NDT) in order to understand the construction and morphology of their structural elements.
STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS We perform structural analysis of existing structures, whether historical, old, and/or built with traditional techniques, in a wide variety of materials: brick and stone masonry, wood, rammed earth, adobe, riveted steel, cast and wrought iron, concrete or any combination of them. We evaluate the current code compliance of the building, and carry out capacity analysis of the historical structure to determine its capacity to withstand existing or new imposed loads as a result of a change of use or an alteration of its structural layout.
REPAIRS AND REINFORCEMENT We design structural repairs and reinforcement solutions as needed in each project, always respecting the authenticity of its heritage values and prioritizing the compatibility and reversibility of solutions as demanded by the grade of protection of the building.