Construction and conservation fields are always in constant evolution, and in Proskene we consider it of great importance to be updated about the most recent methodologies and work tools.

That is why we use technology in all our projects, implementing when required the Scan-to-BIM process in order to deliver our clients high-quality HBIM projects.

As when performing rehabilitation of historical buildings and monuments it’s common to find geometric and material irregularities, increasing the accuracy of the generated documentation minimizes any unforeseen events could potentially generate cost increases during construction.

LASER SCANNINGWe carry out on-site surveys with our laser scanner to later process the collected data and generate 3D pointclouds of the buildings in which we intervene.
GEOMETRIC SURVEYThe laser scanning allows us to make geometric surveys of the building in 2D drawings or BIM models with the degree of precision required by our clients, always reflecting the real geometry of the building and minimizing the project modifications that usually arise in the phases of redefinition of the works of building rehabilitation.
NDTWe specify the latest technologies in non-destructive tests (NDT), which allow us to study with the utmost respect the characteristics of the constructive elements without damaging their integrity. This is of particular interest when the existing conditions do not allow to take samples, either because of the importance of the building or because it is currently in use.
SOFTWARE We work with specialized software for the calculation and structural analysis as well as for the monitoring and site supervision of all our projects