Proskene Conservation & Cultural Heritage is a multidisciplinary team of specialists in restoration, preservation, intervention and adaptive reuse projects of historic buildings and sites. We lead projects from schematic design to construction administration, and also act as technical consultants for specific phases of any conservation project.


We are firm defenders of cultural heritage restoration as 21st century gate towards addressing society’s important common goals of: social equality and diversity; sustainable and safe development; cultural identity strengthening; financial development; smart city development; and low carbon foot-print. Our 20 years of experience encompass a wide variety of architectural typologies, from listed buildings to monuments and archaeological sites. Each person at Proskene brings knowledge and enthusiasm to every project, offering unique solutions fitted to the requirements of each historic building. 


Promoters of the integration of academics and professional practice, we encourage continuing education within the firm. Our team’s very specialized background and training blends architecture and engineering, allowing us to always find the most appropriate solutions that would guarantee the protection and longevity of the buildings and sites without compromising their authenticity and uniqueness of their values.



José Alberto Alonso Campanero

Conservation Engineer
UAH. M.Sc. Cultural Heritage Conservation
ICCROM/GCI Roma, Italia. Stone Conservator
Universidad Nebrija and UPM. Building Engineer

Marieta Núñez García

Preservation Architectural Engineer
Historic structures and non-destructive testing
UPC/UMinho. M.Sc. Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC)
UPM. M.Sc. Architectural Engineer
UPM. Wooden construction

María Picos Pérez

Conservation Engineer
Condition assessment and on-site monitoring
UDC. Master in Built Heritage Intervention and Restoration
UDC. Building Engineer

Ana Troitiño Amaris

Office Manager
Prevention of occupational hazards
Caracas University. Computer and management science

Irene Martínez Cuart

Conservation Architect
UPM. M.Sc. Construction Supervision of Conservation and Restoration works (MEJORR)
UPC. Architect

Paula López Cuervo

Coordination o fon-site supervision

UPM. M.Sc. Technological Innovation in Building and Construction Supervision of Conservation and Restoration Works.
UPM. Building engineer


Carolina Gómez Perona

Coordination of condition assessment and on-site monitoring.

UPV. MSc Preservation of Architectural Heritage
UNC. Architect


Jaime Baladrón Laborda

Coordination of sustainability projects

UPM. M.Sc. Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture.
UPM. M.Sc. Architectural Construction and Technology
UNAV. Architect