[EN]Viviendas Zorrilla

Viviendas Zorrilla

This magnificent residential building with traditional half-timbered structure was constructed at the end of the 19th century within the Historical District of the Villa de Madrid and holds a partial protection due to the value of its façade, structure and main staircase.
Proskene has collaborated with the architectural team in all phases of the comprehensive rehabilitation project that has covered an area of 4440 m2. Our team has worked together in the preliminary studies doing the laser scanning and initial drawings; in the project phase, the measurement and cost quantification; after the demolition of architectural finishes, a scan of the previously hidden timber structure was made; and finally, in the construction phase we performed the direction of execution and monitoring of the work, as well as the design of the structural reinforcements. In all phases technical assistance has been carried out in structures, construction and conservation.