[EN]Naves Gamazo

Naves Gamazo

The Naves de Gamazo are two industrial buildings with a total area of 781 m2 built in the Bay of Santander in 1903 (south) and in the 1950s (north). The buildings currently house the offices and archive of the Port Authority of Santander.
Adjacent to each other, the buildings share a longitudinal wall, as well as the roof truss typology: magnificent riveted steel trusses designed by engineer Jesús Grinda and Forner for the original project.
Proskene is hired as technical assistant to evaluate the current condition of the structure. Our team advised analyzing the structural capacity of trusses, purlins and masonry walls; coordinated the material characterization, and carried out a laser scan survey and drawings, which were used to verify the differences between the projected geometry of trusses and the finally constructed one.