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Hotel Inglés

This historical hotel located in the center of Madrid, was built in the mid-nineteenth century with steel joists, cast iron columns and traditional half-timbered walls. It is part of the Historical Villa de Madrid and has a structural protection level 2 due to the value of its façade and the main staircase. Center of great social and cultural activity, it fell into carelessness and essence until 2018 when it reopened as a renovated luxury hotel. The intervention has linked the building of the original hotel with the adjacent building, reason for which the project had to give solutions to accommodate the hotel in different levels. During the construction works hidden original elements were discovered and put in value, such as the original stone masonry entrance.
Our team has carried out the assessment, site management and monitoring of the work, as well as technical assistance in construction and conservation during the execution of the works and the restoration of the listed elements.