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Hotel W

The magnificent building, in which the historical hotel Asturias was housed, was built with remarkable quality, noticeable in the slenderness of its cast iron columns, the elegance of its facades and the elaborate brickwork of its frameworks. Commissioned by Doña Ramona Goicoechea and designed by the architect Don Joaquin Kramer y Arnaiz in 1882, the proximity to the Puerta del Sol as well as its corner condition makes it an urban landmark in the historical center of Madrid. It is part of the Historic Villa of Madrid and has a structural level 2 protection degree. Having deteriorated severely over the years due to lack of maintenance, the structure was seriously damaged and about to collapse before starting the consolidation works.
It is expected to recover the splendor of its activity by means of a rehabilitation project for hotel use. Our team has carried out the assessment, tender, and management of the work in the first phase of structural consolidation, as well as technical assistance in structures, construction and conservation. We will continue working in the present and next years in the refurbishment and rehabilitation works until returning the building its architectural significance and condition of urban landmark.